Smart Business Cards: What You Need to Know

Smart business cards are becoming more and more popular in the digital world. Smart Business Cards allow for a wider range of information to be shared, such as contact information with social media profiles, business profiles, and web links.

What exactly are Smart Business Cards?

It is important to know what Smart Business Cards are before you make your decision to buy them or not. Basically, they're cards with NFC functionality, this is opposed to the traditional business card which is made of paper and ink. You can use these Smart Business Cards to share your business profile via NFC with other people. These business profiles (or digital business cards) give you the opportunity to include more information than you would be able to include in a traditional card because they can store so much more data in one place. Smart Business Cards are becoming more popular every year because they offer many benefits.

You can use your Smart Business Card to share your business profile which can include:

  • Your name, profession, and profile picture
  • Additional business information such as a phone number and website link
  • Social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Custom links to other websites

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Smart Business Card in use with bumpee app

Handing out your business card is a fundamental part of connecting with new people in the business world. If you're a freelancer or if have your own company, building a diverse business network can make a night and day difference in your success.

Why do you ask? Here are 4 reasons why networking is important for your business.

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