Smart Business Cards for your business

enterprise and team offers.

sustainability and environmental protection

Annually, over 10 billion business cards are printed worldwide, which equates to approximately 16 tons of paper or 9,500 trees cultivated.

Up to 90% of these cards are thrown away within the first month.


Smart Business Card

Hold your smart business card to the other person's smartphone to share your profile with them.

✅ Individual Design
✅ Unlimited use
✅ Eco-friendly
✅ Professional appearance
✅ The all-in-one solution
✅ No running costs

Exclusive offers for companies and teams

Present your company like no other.

Equip entire teams with a smart business card and present your company and/or services in a modern and professional way.

  • 10-50 cards

    5% discount

  • 51-100 cards

    10% discount

  • >100 cards

    15% discount

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