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We are constantly working to improve our products and services. Therefore, we consider ourselves all the happier to name a number of extraordinary business people as supporters of bumpee®.

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CEO enspira connect

Hubert Hofmann

"Networking and networking is my business. bumpee® not only helps me to exchange contacts quickly and easily, but the handling also turns out to be very customer-friendly. When I had questions, I got to know the team as quick and helpful. Together with bumpee® I want to create a bridge between the digital and the physical world. That's why I support this company and would recommend bumpee®!"

Founder & CEO Framen GmbH

Dimitri Gaertner

"As a CEO, you always have to deal with new people. You can hardly do without a business card. In today's world, it would be a shame if you didn't solve it digitally. The solution from bumpee is technically great, but on on the other hand also implemented very appealingly. A young, dynamic company with very likeable founders, that's why I support bumpee!"

Founder and former CEO Konux | Board Member Konux

Andreas Kunze

"The right network is the key to success. I can say that from my own experience. In this respect, it is all the more important to devote the right attention and tools to networks! bumpee focuses on this. I believe in Leon Merkel (CEO bumpee) and his drive to build a successful company with bumpee and I am very happy to support him! Together with his team, Leon shows a unique drive that is worth promoting."

Board Members Martello | MD TUM Venture Labs Software/AI

Antoine Leboyer

"bumpee®'s Smart Business Card is simple to use and so practical. I have set it up in a few minutes and cannot see myself returning to paper ones.

Modifications of numbers and emails would have resulted in my throwing away outdated cards whereas here it just take ten seconds. The direct conversion to electronic contacts makes so much sense in a Phone Centric world."

Startup Coach & Project Leader XPLORE by UnternehmerTUM

Lisa Schebitz

"An elementary part of my work as a start-up coach is building and maintaining a large network of founders, talents, experts and investors. bumpee facilitates and simplifies this process. As part of the community event HACK'N'TALK, bumpee inspired the participants: Inside with your product. The advantages of this new and modern business card convince me! That's why I support bumpee!"