representation, exchange and management.

bumpee® for companies

In-person lead conversions increase the connection between the real and digital worlds.

Eco-friendly alternative

Easy management

Measurable success

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The right network is the key to success.[...] In this respect, it is all the more important to devote the right attention and tools to networking! bumpee puts its focus right here.


No more paper business cards

Our smart business card combined with a bumpee® profile is a modern, simple and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional business cards.

  • Individual branding

    Individually designed company cards according to your corporate identity for everyone in the company. Modern and professional representation for every company.

  • Environmentally friendly

    No unnecessary waste from hundreds of traditional paper business cards. Our smart business cards can be used indefinitely.

  • Digital instead of analogue

    The business profile associated with the card acts like a landing page, which can be optimized and increase the conversion of leads.

Profile management made easy

Easy overview of all profiles of company employees and easy bulk orders via bumpee®'s business dashboard.

  • Order & Discounts

    Large orders including quantity discounts and automatic setup of new profiles can be done easily and quickly via the business dashboard.

  • profile management

    Easy creation of company profiles for employees through self-created templates and uncomplicated management of the created bumpee® profiles.

  • Open beta phase

    We work day and night on the implementation of additional functions such as analytics, extended design options, detailed reporting, etc.

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