Our products specifically for sole proprietors are divided into three components.

The business profile

Your free business profile acts like a landing page that lays the foundation for a potential collaboration.

Create a free profile
  • Free creation

    Download the bumpee® app for free and add your cell phone number, email address, website or other links to your business profile.

  • individual design

    Design your business profile according to your wishes. Bring some personality to the traditionally minimalist information exchange.

  • Only the most important

    Pass on your contact details and only essential information about your work. Avoid the distractions of social media posts and information overload.

The smart business card

Make a professional first impression by sharing your business profile with a customized Smart Business Card.

Design now
  • individual design

    The first impression counts. Design your very own individual smart business card with our card designer.

  • sustainability

    Avoid the unnecessary waste of traditional paper business cards. Our smart business cards can be used indefinitely.

  • Extremely quick & easy

    Simply hold your smart business card to an NFC-enabled smartphone to share your profile within a second.

    Supported Devices 

network management

Never lose track of your business network again.

Start for free
  • contact book

    The hub for your business relations. Find your complete business network in one place instead of being scattered across social media channels and cell phone contacts.

  • Always up to date

    Bumpee® profiles saved in the app are automatically updated so that you always have the latest information about your contact.

  • Geo tagging

    Forgot your contact's name? Contacts saved in the app are saved with the place of meeting. So you will always find the person you are looking for. Even if you forgot the name.